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Rorschach's Application

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Rorschach's Application Empty Rorschach's Application

Post by Rorschach Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:43 pm

1. Link your Plazmaburst 2 account here:

2. How do you make decisions? Usually i compare all the possible consequences that could happen due to my actions, and pick the case which seems like the best solution for the current problem.

3. What is your weapon of choice? 205 Brecci + Hairspray and a match.

4. Who is your favorite Itami member? Nick

5. What are you known for in the community? For my jokes and my bad habit of eating bullets.

6. Describe yourself in at least one sentence. I'm outrageous and outlandish, as well as a quick talker and thinker. Though i may come across as simply annoying.
7. What playing field is your strength:(Ex. rails) Stryde-sniper

8. Tell me in your own words how to tie my shoes.

9. Why do you think you're suitable for this clan? Since Ace was suitable, most likely i am aswell, since we're alike.

10. What games other than Plazmaburst 2 do you play? Warframe, Shadow Fight 2, Sudoku, Uno.

11. Will you be actively participating in the clan's chat and events? I'll be online for at least 50 hours every second weekend, and when i'm online, i'll participate on the events.

12. Why did you choose to apply for this clan instead of other clans? They're all dead.

13. What makes you a better candidate than any other user wanting to join Itami? I'm flexible, I never rage/get angry.

14. Give an example of how you made a positive contribution to a clan. I could keep the chat alive, Help anyone who needs help in the chat or a game or anything you could possibly think of.

15. What is a specific specialty you wish to bring to Itami? (It cannot be playing PB2 or being active on discord.) I could give Itami some info i've gathered of all the people i've analyzed and spied on, or i could get some intel on other clans/people for Itami.

16. Specifically detail in your own words what loyalty means to you. And how much do you value it. Well, someone "loyal" to you, is a good person from your point of view, but when you call someone a "good person", it's usually because you can use them in a way to get yourself something you could not get without them, in other words, use them. In my opinion, a loyal person, is someone who i can trust to not to lie, to help me, my friends and all the important people to him/her or someone else.

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Rorschach's Application Empty Re: Rorschach's Application

Post by SuperFrank1004 Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:03 pm

Application a little short.
Q.12: What if the clans weren't all dead...would you still have applied to Itami?


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Rorschach's Application Empty Re: Rorschach's Application

Post by Irina Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:27 pm

you give me the feeling your app is made in 5 min or even less. Take time to think and put some effort in your answers. Tell me why you are suitable for this clan not cuz you are like ace. i have to say, This is a weak app.

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Rorschach's Application Empty Re: Rorschach's Application

Post by TheSmash Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:29 pm

Hell no, you are a snake I've seen it before. And between your accounts, you have a AKA totally different, and the title of this application is different from those! Too many identities, as people have told me you use even more accounts then those. In order to change my mind, fix #12 #13 and #8. Also, #15 is not a good answer, this means you are a snake as well. -1


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Rorschach's Application Empty Re: Rorschach's Application

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