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Bright #1 [Denied] Empty Bright #1 [Denied]

Post by Bright on Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:30 pm

1. Link your Plazmaburst 2 account here:

2. How do you make decisions? like any other person with a big ego would.

3. What is your weapon of choice? sniper

4. Who is your favorite Itami member? arthur

5. What are you known for in the community? being gay

6. Describe yourself in at least one sentence. a egotistical bastard

7. What playing field is your strength:(Ex. rails) Arena and Snipers

8. Tell me in your own words how to tie my shoes. rrly? are you 2 years old? no. you already know how to do it

9. Why do you think you're suitable for this clan? is anyone suitable? im useful and helpful with forums and discussions n shit.

10. What games other than Plazmaburst 2 do you play? Rainbow six siege, Cod 4 remastered,  

11. Will you be actively participating in the clan's chat and events? yep

12. Why did you choose to apply for this clan instead of other clans? there are no other clans

13. What makes you a better candidate than any other user wanting to join Itami? is there actually more people trying to join? idk im not special

14. Give an example of how you made a positive contribution to a clan. discussions, decision making, don't be biased

15. What is a specific specialty you wish to bring to Itami? (It cannot be playing PB2 or being active on discord.) like i said im not special, but im trustworthy.

16. Specifically detail in your own words what loyalty means to you. And how much do you value it. loy·al·ty
the quality of being loyal to someone or something.
"her loyalty to her husband of 34 years"
a strong feeling of support or allegiance.
plural noun: loyalties
"fights with in-laws are distressing because they cause divided loyalties"
synonyms: allegiance, faithfulness, obedience, adherence, homage, devotion; More

If you're talking clan wise then i'll be leaving until pb2.5 to start a small group.


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Bright #1 [Denied] Empty Re: Bright #1 [Denied]

Post by Killer174 on Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:35 pm

I laughed so hard !!!!11 !@!@ !!
Nah but we don't accept troll apps.
Application denied

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