{Cosmetic Love} +:White Niveaus:+ Leve7z application #1[Denied]

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{Cosmetic Love} +:White Niveaus:+ Leve7z application #1[Denied] Empty {Cosmetic Love} +:White Niveaus:+ Leve7z application #1[Denied]

Post by White Niveaus on Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:09 am

1. Link your Plazmaburst 2 account here: http://plazmaburst2.com/?a=&s=7&ac=white%20niveaus%20leve7z

2. How do you make decisions?

Perhaps meditation first, before I frustrate myself and lose my cool. It's always wise to calm before you think on your decisions, and that is what I do.

3. What is your weapon of choice?

Sniper (and sometimes swords)

4. Who is your favorite Itami member?

Well, considering I am not familiar with most people in this clan anyway, I would say Bidam, we had a brief time together awhile ago (2016) because we were chill with each other.

5. What are you known for in the community?

Some people consider me as a fine player, a couple even mentioned how I can make impossible kills/shots possible. Asides from that, I'm not really well known, I don't wish to be a focused subject in PB2.

6. Describe yourself in at least one sentence.

I am quiet, and I have been trying to keep myself under control from childish rages (which I had awhile back in 2014-15), I am observant and sometimes cold.

7. What playing field is your strength:(Ex. rails)

Snipers (mainly stryde and ace-trinor), swords, shotgun (mild extent), and pistol (moderate extent).

8. Tell me in your own words how to tie my shoes.

Okay, so first, cross your laces.

Second, entangle one lace under the other and pull the two laces to tighten them.

Third, on each lace with each hand, wrap the laces around your thumb and index fingers, and cross them over again.

Make sure that each hand receives the opposite lace, before pulling them together, and you will have two, fair knots.

(But these laces shall only be tied among clan members, and it can NOT be tangled)

9. Why do you think you're suitable for this clan?

Hm well, consider that I never have been in a strong clan (asides from the decent YrN), I feel as if I can prove myself further as a good player in this community by joining you guys. I know that I'm nowhere in the top tier, but I'm reaching there step by step, and through you guys I can accomplish that goal. (This is an individual goal, I also have other ideas in contribution to Itami)

10. What games other than Plazmaburst 2 do you play?

Erm, nothing else, sorry about that. I'm not much of a gamer.

11. Will you be actively participating in the clan's chat and events?

I will with my best effort, and if I cannot, I will inform you most likely beforehand, but there may be times when emergencies come up and screw my schedule up.

12. Why did you choose to apply for this clan instead of other clans?

Like I said in question 9, I'm a bit tired living my life in unorganized and average clans like Nighthawks (really unknown, and small), I want a bit of challenge by hanging out with more experienced players who have been in this community far longer than I have. Also I need some virtual thrill in my life by participating in big events from clans like yours.

13. What makes you a better candidate than any other user wanting to join Itami?

I hate being arrogant and the idea of "superiority" over others, but I'm unique for my absence of pessimism towards others, as I'm always eager to keep conflicts down. Also, I have decent aim with flexibility (in snipers) that may get me somewhere progressive. But deep down I can be quite passionate to accomplish any goal or task for a clan.

14. Give an example of how you made a positive contribution to a clan.

Mostly my skills during actual playing, but I would question my leader/superiors the necessary steps to overcome our clan's obstacles, which enables them to further their thinking and eventually coming up with a possible solution.

15. What is a specific specialty you wish to bring to Itami? (It cannot be playing PB2 or being active on discord.)

I want to contribute my abilities to strengthen Itami's fame and reputation, but I am NOT fond of any clans trying to erase another clan's existence or taking over them, please do note that.

16. Specifically detail in your own words what loyalty means to you. And how much do you value it.

One man can never truly be loyal through following orders and cooperation, that is merely the surface of behaving with a cold flame that can be extinguished anytime soon. True loyalty is the unbreakable friendship between a man and his hound, where they always look out for each other and never have conflicts (unless they are doing it for each other's sake) with one another. To be devoted for the honor for one another, one must not put his own desires before his clan, and especially NOT his clan-mates, otherwise it would be foolish and eternally potential self inflicted harm.

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White Niveaus

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{Cosmetic Love} +:White Niveaus:+ Leve7z application #1[Denied] Empty Re: {Cosmetic Love} +:White Niveaus:+ Leve7z application #1[Denied]

Post by Betts1 on Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:33 am

Application denied

Sorry man. But NEVER edit your application or its an instant deny.

Reapply in one week.

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